We’re pleased to announce our new website has launched for GoRafting.com. This rebuild prioritized website speed, user feedback, a cleaner design, and data organization.

  • Website speed: We improved our site performance, and you’ll no longer experience the lags or hangs that occurred on our former website.
  • User feedback: We’ve implemented a user feedback feature on our detailed waypoints, allowing anyone to submit updates or changes. While this has always existed on FarOut, this is new for our website.
  • Data organization: We restructured how our data is organized allowing users to efficiently find the rivers and details they are looking for.
  • Finally, this new look is much cleaner and easier to look at compared to our original website.

Thank you to our beta testers! You may notice the occasional hiccup as we polish off the final touches (migrating 500+ pages is a lot of work!) so thank you for your patience as we squash bugs and clean up the code.

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