Located in Costa Rica, the Pacuare River is considered by many as one of the best rivers in the world in terms of scenery and whitewater. While most kayakers and rafters will run it as a day trip, the option of staying at one of the lodges allows you to explore more of the river corridor instead of rushing through. The below post goes through the ones we know and offers their contact information. It’s sorted from upstream to downstream.

Pacuare Eco-Lodge

River Left. Also known as POC Lodge, this lodge is located on river left 6 kilometers from the San Martin put-in. Group bookings and school tours typically use this lodge. It features a zipline course and Tarzan Swing. The rooms are big with each having a bathroom and hot water. The main common area has a great view of the Pacuare River looking downriver. This lodge is tucked away in the canyon and is hard to spot from the river so many boaters will float right by without even seeing it.

Access: Raft in, hike in, 4×4.

Website: https://pacuareoutdoorcenter.com/accommodations/pacuare-eco-lodge/

Rio Vista Lodge

River Left. This lodge was built and is owned by Pacuare Outdoor Center, which is the same company that has POC lodge just upstream. Similar to POC lodge, Rio Vista is high up on the canyon wall meaning they have good views looking up river. This lodge has 9 cabins and is considered one of the higher-end accommodations on the river. As of February 2024, to book Rio Vista you must raft in by making a Pacuare River rafting reservation on their 3-Day rafting and zipline trip.

Access: Raft in, hike in, 4×4.

Website: https://pacuareoutdoorcenter.com/accommodations/rio-vista-lodge/

Pacuare River Lodge

River Left. PRL offers 14 self-described bungalows and a main lodge area.

Access: Raft in, hike in, 4×4.

Website: https://www.pacuareriverlodge.com/

Photos by Pacuare River Lodge

Ave Sol River Sanctuary

River Right. Their main guest area features a “hammock ranch” and bar. These are rustic accommodations with private rooms and a bunkhouse.

Access: Raft in, hike in.

Website: https://avesol.org/

Photos by Ave Sol

Pacuare Lodge

River Right. Probably the most well-known lodge on the Pacuare River, this lodge features a swimming pool and rooms that go for well over $1,000 a night.

Access: Raft in, hike in.

Website: Pacuarelodge.com

Photos by Pacuare Lodge

Ríos Lodge

River Right. The first lodge built on the Pacuare River by Rafa Gallo, a whitewater pioneer in Costa Rica, who held many of the country’s first whitewater descents. Originally named Rios Tropicales, they have over 2,000 acres on river right and they have been reforesting them over time. Since they’ve purchased the land, they have planted over 30,000 trees, returning the farmland to the jungle.

Access: Raft in, hike in.

Website: Rioslodge.com

Photos by Rios Lodge

Have you stayed at one of these lodges? If so, we would love to hear about the experience. Please leave a comment below.

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