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About Initiation Rapid

As the name indicates, Initiation begins the hardest section of Whitewater on the Upper Wind. This is a super fun and complicated rapid that will test your read and run abilities so a scout is recommended to all boaters.

Scout: From upstream you can see a house sitting on the edge of the river-left canyon wall. This is a good marker for Initiation. Stay to the inside of the corner and scout from river right below the confluence with Trout Creek. From the scout, you should be identifying the goalpost boulders in the center while checking if there is enough water to sneak all the way right.

How to run Initiation Rapid

At Low-Medium water, begin left of center with the goal of navigating between two “goal post” boulders in the center. With more water, an easier sneak line opens up all the way right. After punching the hole below the goal posts you have some options. With most of the water heading right and center, following the main current works well. There is a very satisfying airplane boof/drop that goes for both rafts and kayaks all the way right, even when the levels drop. It is also possible to head all the way left after the goal posts which avoids most of the main features of the Initiation. This line is shallow and not nearly as fun, but it is an option. Rafters will want to be very decisive in the bottom half of the rapid. The current is swift and there are several rocks ideally placed to pin boats.