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About Husum Falls

Husum Falls is one of the highest commercially rafted waterfalls in the world and the highest in the US. It sports a 12-foot drop into a sticky hole. If you run it in the summertime, the chance of having an audience will be high. The line is relatively straightforward, but do be ready for someone to pop out, as the hit at the bottom can be violent. Commercial rafting companies begin running Husum at 2.5ft > on the stick gauge and typically see way more flips at 2.5ft than 2.0ft. Keep in mind the design of your boat. Boats that are stiffer with more rocker fair much better than boats without. The river right eddy above Husum is the ideal staging area. From here you can top off boats and send people down to set throw bag safety on river right below the bridge. During the summer this eddy will be very busy with commercial rafting trips and private boaters so please leave the center of the eddy open for other boats to unload guests walking around Husum.

The ideal line for Husum is to start left of center and build as much momentum as possible towards the center of the drop. As seen in this video, using the eddy line coming off the center island as a marker is a great way to stay on line. Keeping your bow straight, or having a little angle either direction increases your chances of staying upright. There is definitely some luck involved with running Husum, especially around 2.5ft. Rafters and kayakers should be prepared for some down time if they do swim here, which is why we recommend throw bag safety on river right below the bridge.

Portaging is never a bad option at Husum. Make your way to the left shore above the drop and line your boat along the shore. Put back in directly below the drop.