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About Rodeo Hole

Between 7,500 CFS and 16,000 CFS, Class II riffles leads you into a big wave on the river right. Some of those riffles have names: the 45 Wave is on river left and Toilet Bowl is on river right, just above the big one. Toilet Bowl is best from 3,500 CFS to 8,000 CFS. However, it is known to flip rafts and scrape swimmers along the bedrock bottom during high flows. At most flows, it provides a sticky, flat-surf zone. The 45 Wave tends to be a lower-flow phenomenon, which provides a surf for rafts and kayaks when the Rodeo Hole is not in play. From 2,900 to 6,800 CFS, catch it from the eddy on river left. You’ll have to coast over, but it’s worth it for its width. At 6,800 CFS, it’s moving really fast and difficult to catch, but it comes back into play around 9,500 CFS.

The final wave of Rodeo Hole is a classic Wenatchee play spot. It’s fun to hit between 7,500 and 16,000 CFS, though above 13,000 CFS it has swallowed 16-footers and flipped 14-footers, leaving passengers whirlpooling in the strong eddy line. The large wave hole all but disappears at 3,000 CFS, and tapers to become nothing more than a swimming spot at flows even lower.