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River Mileage

About Drunkard’s Drop

At the lowest of flows (<3,000 CFS), you’ll have to pick your way down a shallow shoal towards the start of the rapid. Try to enter high right, finding a channel that runs towards the center left.

Between 3,000 and 10,000 CFS, Hawaii 5-0 stands as the tallest wave. It is located on the left, near the cliff wall, and turns into a surfable glass wave around 9,600 CFS. Jacuzzi Wave forms on river right around 5,600 CFS, providing on-target hits and an eddy-service wave. At 9,600 CFS Drunkard’s becomes a favorite surf spot for kayakers in long boats. Around 9,600 CFS, Trinity Wave forms, packing a punch on river left behind the Hawaii 5-0. Wave. At around 12,000 CFS, Infinity Wave forms, which rounds out the threesome at the bottom right. At 15,700 CFS, Trinity and Infinity are both in, big, and punchable, but the chaos of it all has stood one raft on end, flipped another, and dump-trucked a third in quick succession.