River Mileage

About Cashmere Riverside Park Takeout

At regular to high flows, there are two eddy options at the takeout: the high eddy above the ramp and the low eddy at the ramp. Either option goes, and around 3 boats total can fit in the water as you haul them up and out. A truck can back a trailer, but it is often faster to simply carry the boats up to the grassy area near the restrooms.

This takeout gets quite a bit spicier at its lower to lowest flows (<5,000 CFS). Between 3,000 and 5,000 CFS, the high eddy begins to disappear, and the eddy line to get into the lower eddy can be hard to break through. Make sure your paddlers are ready to paddle hard to catch it. Below 3,000 CFS, it is highly recommended to drop passengers at the final bridge. The highest eddy disappears, and the shallow channel narrows to barely wider than a raft. You’ll have to jump out of your boat and snag the perimeter line to keep it from flushing out.