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About Wade and Curtis Camp

Wade and Curtis camp makes for a very short first day on the water as you’ll travel less than three miles. There’s no beach at this camp, but tons of shade. Originally, this was a place for tourists to overnight, called “The Lodore Canon Tourist Camp.” (Not a misspelling.) They would ride a motorboat down to the cabins and stay the night if they desired.

From the Dinosaur National Monument Facebook page: “This cabin was the lower guest house for a tourist operation in the 1930s, which was run by John Wade and Walter Curtis. After a short boat trip from Gates of Lodore, guests could stay overnight here. Amenities included a strawberry patch and a phone line used to communicate between the upper and lower cabins. With the onset of World War II, declining visitation led to the end of the operation. An unattended campfire destroyed the cabin in 1969, and the foundation for the cabin is all that remains.”