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About Kitchen Sink Rapid

This rapid should be scouted from river right or left. The scout is better from the right-hand side.

Kitchen Sink Rapid is a rapid you want to take seriously. The left side of it is littered with sieves. The move is to thread the needle between Herb’s Rock and the Shark’s Fin. As the river bends left, there is a lot of current pushing right, which you’ll have to fight to make the move between Herb’s and the Shark’s Fin. There is water pillowing off of Herb’s Rock at most flows which can help push you into the correct spot. Below this move, work right to stay out of the sieves. At the exit of this rapid is a feature called the Camel’s Back, which you can go right or left of. At flows above 3,000 CFS, this rapid becomes Class V. Make sure to check the flows before you go.