Harris Station Dam, Kennebec River


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Completed in 1954, Harris Station Dam is the largest hydroelectric dam in Maine. Like other hydroelectric dams, this means the flow for the Kennebec is scheduled, providing reliable flows all summer. What’s special about the Harris Station Dam, is four days a year they ramp the flows way up, to 8,000 CFS to test the turbines. These are called Turbine Test Water Releases and are very popular for rafting as it provides high water on a calendar.

The ramp to the water is a long staircase with railings in the middle of it, which was completed in 2002 at a cost of $500,000.

This video shows the put-in ramp as well as the first couple rapids.

Long video showing you the put-in.

Photo by Arc Enterprises, Inc. Link.

Photo by Arc Enterprises, Inc. Link.