Sunflower Hotsprings

If you asked someone to show you just a single photo from their Middle Fork trip, the classic Sunflower hotsprings waterfall picture would likely be it. And it’s a classic for good reason, this place is amazing. Sunflower Hotsprings features a ## of small pools and ends with the hot water cascading into the river below. It requires zero hiking as the hotsprings is right on the river. The highest pool, which is the hottest is ### degrees. As the water descends into the pools below it begins to cool off. Its final drop into the river brings the temperature down to a still quite hot ### degrees.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • You really can’t fit more than one group here at a time. So be patient and courteous, and share this idyllic spot.
  • While the hotsprings are riverside, getting to the pools requires walking carefully on slippery rocks. Take your time as falls do happen. Especially so as poison ivy flanks a portion of the path.
  • Keep soap out of the hotsprings.

Hard to beat this view. Photo by Idaho River Journeys

Sunflower Shower water pressure is strong and can’t be adjusted. Photo by Idaho River Journeys