Cramer Creek Rapid

About Cramer Creek Rapid

Cramer was not much of anything until the creek washed out on river right pushing plenty of debris into the river and even closing the road for a period of time. The following spring after this washout, the debris settled and that season the rapid showed its transformation with a large, Grand Canyon sized hole located at top center and large waves down the right channel flanked with a large boulder set just off the right bank. Over the years, it has mellowed out considerably, and while the waves are still big here, the flips have lessened considerably. The run here is right of center.

cramer creek kayak salmon

Kayaker about to spill in Cramer Creek rapid. Photo by Idaho River Journeys.

Tony Herold driving a sweep boat through Cramer. The high viewpoint allows you to see the center hole as well as the right of center line.

A much more recent video showing that the center hole has lost some of its power.