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About Cove Creek Rapid

Cove Creek Rapid was the result of Cove Creek on river right blowing out in 2008 and pushing debris and boulders into the river at this location. The formation of the new rapid flooded Tappan II, which was just upstream. Since this change in 2008, Cove Creek has seen alterations as the rocks and boulders settled into place. This rapid used to be very challenging and saw its fair share of wrapped rafts. Today, it’s less formidable but still requires you to pay attention and row carefully.

How to run Cove Creek Rapid

You can scout Cove Creek from river left. At low flows, the line is a narrow slot between several large entrance boulders at the center-left at the top of the rapid. Once you go through the initial drop you need to carefully read the water and thread your way through the boulder garden, making your way towards the center. At higher flows, your entrance is still towards the left, but aiming for the “soft” part of the wave that makes up the initial drop and then making your way back center.