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About Cliffside Rapid

A long calm pool is finally broken by Cliffside Rapid. The name is a great indicator of its primary feature as the water will push you left against a cliff wall. This cliff wall is not smooth rock, it is nicknamed The Cheese Grater, which gives you a decent idea of why you should avoid it.

How to run Cliffside Rapid

With the fastest current on the outside of the curve – left – this is also where the deepest holes are. If you are looking for the driest line, or if you are camping at Cradle Camp, which is immediately at the foot of this rapid, you need to start as far right as you can without getting stuck and keep working to the right. If you get swung to the outside left, or if you are looking for some late afternoon excitement, make sure you hit these holes straight. Have fun.

If you have duckies in the line-up, it’s a good idea to emphasize going right as the swim potential is real here as the holes can be large. Run close together too as Lower Cliffside Rapid is immediately below this.