River Mileage


River Right

About Camas Creek Camp

Camas Creek Camp is a beautiful camp on river right. The creek enters the Middle Fork on the downstream side of camp. There are many nice creekside tenting options available, and the kitchen is often placed under the shade of some large trees. The creek itself is one of the largest tributaries to the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, offering excellent fishing opportunities and when the water is up, kayaking as well. A short hike up the creek brings you to a small footbridge, which is used by hikers on the Camas Creek Trail.

The name Camas is for the Camas flower which is found up this creek.

During low water, when you leave this camp, it’s important to make your way to the left channel. You would think that the river right side which is the outside of the bend and where the creek meets the Middle Fork, is where you want to be, but it shallows out and can be problematic.

Camas Creek hiking

The trail up Camas Creek is pretty and worth the hike if you have the time. Especially so when the creek is high to look at the rapids or low if you’re into fishing.