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About Corn Creek

Situated at 2,929 feet, Corn Creek is the normal starting point for the Main Salmon. The name Corn Creek may have been referring to the size of gold nuggets found in the area. This is the furthest point the CCC got to when they were building the road along the Salmon River before World War II halted their progress. This put-in has a large, paved ramp. Water is usually available here, but we recommend inquiring to make certain. There are pit toilets here and a campground, but no trash service. Keep in mind that you’re pretty far from any store, so if you realize you forgot something at the ramp then you’re looking at a lengthy drive back up the road before you arrive at any sort of general store. Keep in mind there is no cell phone service here. In 1995, the original four wolves of the Idaho wolf reintroduction were released here.