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About The Wall Rapid

The Wall rapid is a fast moving Class IV that delivers high thrills due to its large wave train. It is often the most popular rapid of the day on commercial trips. It’s aptly named for the water making a sharp left turn against a steep hillside / wall.

How to run The Wall

The setup of The Wall is it’s a sharp left turn that goes into a long straightaway. There are three significant features to pay attention to here:

1) At the apex of the turn, there is a large hole located center and extends towards the right shore. You need to go left of this hole.
2) Once you clear the hole you enter the wave train. Towards the end of the wave train there is a large standing wave and depending on the flows, this can be a breaking hole. The right side of this wave is lateral so it is critical you T up to it if you are on the right side of it. You can sneak left of it as well.
3) As flows creep up above 4,000 CFS, a Grand Canyon sized hole begins to appear after the wave train. This hole is dubbed The Cookie Monster and you do not want to go into it at high flows. Run right or left of it, just not into it.