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About Bridge Rapid

Bridge Rapid is right off the bat from the Johnsondale Bridge put-in. The eddy is deceivingly small at put-in, so it’s important to get your crew dialed in before you push off from shore because immediately you’ll drift into the entrance.

For years overhanging trees were an issue here but then they were trimmed back sometime in 2018.

If your crew felt inadequate in Bridge Rapid, there is an eddy at the bottom that is a good place to pull over and continue fine-tuning them.

How to run Bridge Rapid

Bridge Rapid isn’t hard but passengers pop out here all the time if you don’t prep them to lock their feet in as it’s easy to bump rocks. The entrance gets tricky as the water drops, but for practically all flows it’s far left. As the water continues to come down you might need to do a quick boat scout to see which route to take in the far left channel, but there’s always a line. Once you enter, read the water and pick and choose your route. Undoubtedly you will be threading the needle between boulders so probably callings lots of forward twos and lean-ins as you make your way through.