Clavey Falls Rapid

Clavey Falls Rapid occurs at the confluence of the Clavey and Tuolumne Rivers. We recommend a right scout for this rapid, as you can walk the entirety on the right side. This rapid is considered to be Class IV+ at low to medium flows, and becomes more difficult at higher flows (it flirts with Class V).

The typical entrance to this rapid is on the far right chute, which at low flows will involve a tight squeeze, and at lower flows, you will be blasting through a hole. After this entrance, keep your eyes out for a large undercut rock in the center of the channel. This rock is known as the Dinosaur Rock which unfortunately has been the site of several fatalities over the years.

Video showing Clavey Falls at high water (3,900 CFS)

Clavey Falls gets a little bonier at 1,300 CFS.