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How to run Taco Stand Rapid

This rapid gets more challenging as the water comes down. Above 3500 CFS: The Taco Stand rock is a large hole which can flip rafts. Run to the right of it and pay attention to the trees on river right after the hole. 3500 to 2000 CFS: In this range, the rock transitions from a large hole to nothing to really worry about. Lots of space to maneuver around it. Below 2000 CFS: At lower flows, this rapid requires a bit more finesse. The right line is the only line open and there are several guard rocks that you can get stuck on or bounce off of. There are two rocks at the bottom that you must navigate through. If you get stuck on these your boat will possibly fold in half like a taco or if you bump the left rock (Taco Stand Rock), you will need to highside to prevent flipping.