Sidewinder, Part B

As the river reconverges around the island there is a lull before the river drops again and bends long and hard to the right.

Above 3500 CFS: In the slack water above, work your way to the river right. As you drop in, fight hard to hug the inside. All the water pushes to the outside corner where there is an inescapable eddy called the bunny box. The downstream edge of this eddy is a large rock pile that could easily wrap a boat.

3500 to 2000 CFS: Same as high water but you will find yourself having to deal with more exposed rocks so be wary of getting too far inside the corner.

Below 2000 CFS: Due to the width of the river, low water calls for a lot of read-and-run picking the channel with the most flow. At very low flows, you will find this on the left-hand side which will make for a hard ferry to get back to River Right through the curve.

This video shows Sidewinder at 3,400 CFS. You can see how hard the river wants to push you hard to the left.

More rocks are starting to get exposed at lower flows. Note the left entrance.