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About Hobo Rapid

Hobo is a great finisher rapid for those just running the Jungle Run section of the Lower Kern. Years ago, Hobo rapid was the site of a slalom kayak training course for the Olympics. No longer used but cables still run several feet above the high water line.

How to run Hobo Rapid

There is a large tree island at the top of this rapid. You want to enter the river right channel working back left after the entrance. There are two features that you have to pay attention to. The first is a large pour over located on the outside of the turn on river right – practically on the right bank. You need to be left of this. The second feature is a sticky pour over that is left of the other feature described above. At normal flows and higher this second hole loses its teeth, but at low flows, it can easily surf a 14 foot raft and should be avoided. Most boaters prefer to play it safe and go left of everything, however, you can also thread the needle between the two.