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About Hari Kari Rapid

As you make your way downstream, you will encounter a long calm pool with a grassy bank on river right. This is a large area to pull over and scout. The pool will give you plenty of time to set up once you leave the bank. This rapid makes a sharp right hand turn.

How to run Hari Kari Rapid

Above 3500 CFS: At flows above 3500, this rapid is fast and is all about the entrance. Enter down the tongue that is barely right of center with a hard right angle. As soon as you realize you have cleared the boulder on river right start charging in order to avoid the lateral coming off the left-hand side. Many boats flip off this lateral as they are charging right without enough momentum and then get broadsided. The bottom hole is massive but goes with enough momentum and as long as you are T’d up, otherwise keep up your momentum to skirt them on the right.

3500 to 2000 CFS: Very similar to high water. Don’t get pushed into the rocks on river left and make sure to T up to any holes at the bottom.

Below 2000 CFS: As the flows drop, the entrance becomes very boney. What was once the lateral on the outside of the bend is now a fully exposed rock that boats can flip off or get stuck.