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About False Flush Rapid

At all flows, but especially at high flows, this rapid should be taken very seriously because of the short amount of recovery time before the portage around the Royal Flush, which is just 0.13 miles down river.

How to run False Flush Rapid

The line through the rapid doesn’t change at different water levels. Enter left to avoid a large hole at high water or exposed rocks at low water. After entering, move right to avoid being pushed up onto a flat rock on the left bank. Boats can flip on this rock. Square up to waves in the drop, then start moving right as soon as possible to exit the main current and slow down to guarantee you will not miss the portage on river right.

At high flows, there is an enormous hole located at the top of the rapid, which you absolutely do not want to run. At flows starting around 4,000 CFS, some companies opt to walk their customers around the rapid on river right and either have guides R2 or row their boats through the False Flush, or else use webbing and carabiners to attach their boats to the metal cable on river right and let the boats float through the rapid unattended.

For river guides, this rapid would be far more enjoyable if downstream Royal Flush was absent.