Buffalo Run Rapid

How to run Buffalo Run Rapid

Following Silver Staircase and its length, Buffalo Run Rapid feels like a short ride. The main feature is a smoking big hole/wave at high flows located center at the bottom of the rapid. It’s easy to spot and you can run right of it easily. At all flows, the easiest run is to the right. When the water is sub 900 the rock that creates the large hole is exposed. As the water continues to drop, this rock has enough water pushing into it that you can wrap on it.

buffalo run rapid

Photo taken at Buffalo Rock during high water. You can just make out the large hydraulic towards the end of the rapid.

High flows shows the big hole. It’s fast moving in here so pay attention, keep your head on a swivel.

Video taken at Buffalo Rock during high water. The rapid shown at the beginning of the clip is Buffalo Run Rapid.