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About Put-In B

BLM Put-in B is located underneath a highway 178 bridge. This put-in is often used during periods of low water or if Granite launch is crowded. To access this put-in, turn onto Keysville road and follow it until it turns to dirt. Keep going and then look for the sign that says “Low Water Raft Launch” and turn left onto Pearl Harbor Drive (likely unmarked). Follow this until you come across a short but steep grade and by this point, you should be able to see the bridge and the river.

There’s not great access from the bridge down to the water, so your best bet is to carefully lower your rafts using the stern or bow line from the edge of the bridge area down to the water. It’s not too difficult, but you do need to take your time.

Keep in mind, there is no camping here, water, or pit toilets at this location. You do have cell service though. In years past, the bridge graffiti and trash here has been terrible, but since someone has painted a cool looking Clint Eastwood, no one has tagged the bridge since. The trash though can always use a hand, so if you end up using this location, please pitch in and grab as much as you can.