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About Arnie’s Armpit

There is a tree island located at the top of this rapid. Going left or right of the island has changed in the past years. 2016 we went right of the island. 2017 we went left. The change was due to strainers piling up the right channel, so it wasn’t so much as choosing your channel, but choosing the only safe option. You’ll want to know which way to go by either asking someone with recent experience, or by scouting. Dropping in blind is not a good idea. This is an easy rapid, but the strainer potential is real. If you go left, you will want to stay to the inside of the turn. As you come around the bend, there is a large boulder and log jam in the middle of the river. Move to the right to enter the boat wide channel around this obstacle. If the right side of the island is open, the move is easier as it’s a straight shot with very little maneuvering.