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About Upper Pinball Rapid

A two tiered rapid with some busy funky water at the bottom. At high flows there is a hole at the entrance that can be cheated left. There is an overgrown eddy on river right above the second tier. Form this eddy drive left and exit the rapid on the left-hand side. At the bottom of this rapid the water on the right side piles into and under cut wall. This water the pushes to the left. As you come past this wall on the left side be ready to get pushed left. The water coming up from under the undercut wall creates strong hydraulic boils. At higher flows the bottom left past this wall has pockets that become hazardous as well. At high flows the entire rapid can be run on the left side. Scouting is limited river left but there is a bunch of vegetation blocking any good views of the river. Boat scouting is the best option just be ready for the side current at the bottom.