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About Mr. Toad’s

This is a full on 100 yard long rapid that drops roughly 40 vertical feet. It would be a solid class V but there is a long pool at the bottom that makes for easy recovery. There is an undercut cave on the bottom right of the rapid. Most of the current generally runs from left to right. Its best to enter right and work left at the bottom to avoid the undercut. At flows below 1000 CFS this is class IV+. 1000 to 1500 CFS it becomes class V-. Above 1500 this is a solid class V rapid. The line stays the same. Enter right and navigate through two little bedrock squeeze points. At the top of the rapid is a tongue the goes from right to center. Enter this tongue with any craft at the same angle as the tongue itself. The current from the center of the river will push you right. Punch through the rowdy lateral waves along river right and use the last lateral above the undercut Initiate momentum left and drive left to avoid the undercut. Scout/Portage right. If your thinking about portaging this in a raft you may want to just use the alternate Two Mile Bar put-in as portaging Mr. Toads in a raft would be an absolute nightmare.

If you flip in a Kayak at any point in this rapid, stay tucked in your roll position and count to four really slow. You will feel the river let up at which point you are past the undercut and good to roll up. If you try to roll to early there is a chance that you will catch a surface current into the undercut. If you stay upside down the main current will pull you past the undercut and maybe just the bottom or side of your boat will graze the rock but not you. For rafters or paddlers who swim, this is a rowdy ride. The cave is undercut, and a swim will result going very deep. Stay calm and flush into the gigantic pool below. Boaters in general should avoid the far-left side of this rad altogether as there are sieves and trees all along the left bank.