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About Haunted House

This is the narrowest part of the river so this rapids is more affected by flow than any other rapid on the entire river. At flows below 400-450 cfs this is a mandatory portage. Portage/Scout right. At higher flows kayaks can portage left. At flows from 450 cfs to 1200 cfs this is a class III/IV rapid that is run straight down the middle. It becomes tougher on the higher end. At flows from 1200 cfs to 2000 cfs this is a solid class V rapid with 1500 cfs being the most difficult. As the water comes up into this range the tounge goes from (center to left) to (center to right) and is backed up by a rock ledge. Then you have the “Room of Doom” come into play on the bottom left. This is a ledge hole backed up by a bedrock outcrop coming from the left bank. The move at these flows is to drive hard from right to left just missing the bedrock on the river left side of the entrance. Once through the hole get back to the right and avoid the “Room of Doom”. This rapid has flipped may rafts and kayaks that have resulted in swims. If you swim be prepared to go deep as the pool below is just that “Deep!” At flows above 2000 cfs the water begins to pour over the rock on the right side and pile into another one. This can be run right working left just as you pass the hole. The “Room of Doom” is pretty much out of play at this point unless you somehow get worked in the giant hole and flush left. Good luck! If you are not familiar with this run than I would defiantly suggest scouting. Rafts portage right at all flows. It involves some rock scaling, but it goes. Kayaks portage right at flows 500 and under. Kayaks can portage left at any flow but it’s a hike up and around through poison oak.