Freight Train Rapid

From the scout on the left-hand side, this shows Freight Train rapid. The current pushes you towards the right side, and you’ll want to work left to stay away from some big boulders and sieves located there. At some flows, there is a huge wave that can help push you back towards the left, but it is a large feature that can cause flips.

On the left side, there are more boulders and waves to keep an eye out for. As always, hit the bigger waves square. At the end of this rapid, the current is funneled into a narrow chute, which can push you towards the wall on the left.

Last Chance comes just above Freight Train Rapid, with little time in between if there are swimmers. Upon recovering after Last Chance, boaters will enter Freight Train, and work back to the center to avoid the wall and boulders on the left side.