About the United States/Canada Border

The Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers involve rafting across the Canadian/United States border. American groups must register with customs ahead of time, while Canadian groups need only show their passports. This is the time to pre-check for an unregistered border crossing. These agencies will need a list of participant names, date of birth, and passport numbers. Groups starting in Haines, Alaska will pass through both border offices on the way to the put-in. Bring a photocopy of the same information. While Cannabis is legal on both sides of the border, it is not legal at the border. You will be asked about any cannabis products in the vehicle. There is a limit for alcohol coming from the United States into Canada. Two cases of beer, two bottles of wine or one bottle of liquor is the limit. Border agents know rafting trips bring alcohol with them and will want to know specifics and potentially even have a look in the truck. Knowing the exact amount and having it ready to show should be enough to keep you from a more thorough inspection. The classic mistake is responding with something clever like, “enough for a good time.” Enjoy repacking your vehicle after the search.