River Mileage


River Left

About Towagh Creek Campground

Just past the ½ mile long Towagh Creek delta is an excellent campsite on river left. With no eddies at the campsite, stopping boats is a challenge but certainly doable. Space out, go slow, and position your boats all the way left. The tall cut bank along the left shore will eventually level out at a rocky beach. This is the campsite! Stop as early as you can, make room for additional boats, and immediately help other boats trying to stop. Through the trees you can find flatter and softer campsites than the rocky beach. A short walk down river will lead to clear water for filtering or head upstream to explore the Towagh Valley.

Position the boats bow to stern along the shore and tie each them off to the trees above the beach. Without an eddy, it is very important to tie good anchors and monitor the water levels. During a substantial rain event our guide team was forced to work in shifts throughout the night, retying anchors as the river nearly doubled.

If you miss the campsite, you can find something directly downstream on the right, at Basement Creek, or in the S-Turns.