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About Silver Creek Camp

This is the best, first campsite available after running the canyon. Look for the oxbow islands on the right as an indicator that the campsite is close. Heavily used by Tat standards, Silver is a great option as it is close to the exit of the canyon and has clear water for filtering. There is typically space to camp both up and downstream of the confluence, with the downstream camp having a larger, more appealing beach. These tributaries change course somewhat regularly so approach slowly, it’s a lot easier to float downstream than pull boats upstream! The popularity of the site means you should not expect to find firewood unless left by another group. You can walk up the left side of Silver Creek for a mile or so before it starts to turn into a bushwack. It’s the first night on the river so start getting used to carrying bear spray with you around camp and certainly on the hikes! Leave Silver Creek with all your water jugs topped off.