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About Sediments Creek

Most groups chose this as a night two campsite and potential layover. It features space for multiple groups and an incredible trail. Sporadic flooding and channel changes in Sediments can alter what boats can access and how much camping space is available. Stop as early as possible to make a campsite plan. Clear water for filtering can usually be found in a blue pool upstream of the confluence.

Sediments Creek hike

Bring bear spray and water with you on the hike. The hike begins by walking along the river left shore of Sediments Creek. If you camped on the downstream side, find the easiest place to ford the river. Keep an eye out for an opening in the trees as the trail leaves in the delta and continues through a beautiful forest. As the trail gets steeper, you will exit the forest keeping the trees directly on the right. This already gives hikers a wonderful view of the valley and what’s to come. Looking down river you are actually looking up the Tkope Valley rather than down the Tat. Some hikers may elect to stop here, while others can follow the trail higher into the alpine. The trail becomes harder to find once above tree line, so take care to keep the group together. Once on the ridge, you can continue to push as far as you wish you to go. There are very few limitations up high.