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About the O’Connor River

As the O’Connor and Tkope Rivers enter into the valley, they force the Tat to make a sharp turn west. This is a notoriously windy section of river known as the “Wind Tunnel”. Even with the river volume more than doubling in the next several miles, progress can be slow. The largest tributary of the Tatshenshini, the O’Connor valley was the site of the proposed road leading into the Windy Craggy Mine. As you pass by this immense valley, take a moment to imagine how different it would look with a road and host of large trucks. It is possible to find camping on the lower part of the delta, but you may contend with heavy wind. This is also a good place to look for clear water pools upwelling from the silt. The larger volume and ever changing braids make hiking up the O’Connor challenging, but certainly doable with willing groups.