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About Melt Creek Camp

Melt Creek is one of the best and most popular campsites on the entire Tatshenshini/Alsek drainage. The location at the confluence allows visitors sweeping 360 degree views of mountains, glaciers, and river valleys.

The best campsite is located just downstream of the Melt/Tat confluence. There are a number of braided channels a half a mile upstream of Melt Creek that will determine whether you can access the camp or not. Be sure to start working left through the braids as the confluence comes into view. Ideally, groups would stop upstream of the confluence and have a quick look. If Melt Creek is high, both the ferry and stopping at the campsite can be challenging. Once in camp, you can sit and enjoy the views or take a hike up the drainage. The hike is quite mellow for more than a mile, but any plans of making it to the lake would require a substantial bushwhack. Bears frequent this area so keep an eye out both on the trail and in camp.