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About M & M Falls

The final major rapid of the Tatshenshini Canyon is typically the most challenging. The fast moving water below Thread the Needle will eventually flow around a well formed island in the center of the river. From here you are a half mile above M&M Falls.

M&M Falls is a dramatic right turn in the river at the confluence with Pirate Creek. There are two major hazards in the rapid. The first is a massive hole that sits in the center/right center of the turn. The main current flows into the hole with serious flip potential. The second hazard is a pile of wood that forms on the outside (river left) of the turn. Occasionally the wood is blown out during high water, but assume it will be there.

How to run M & M Falls

The line is to stay close enough to the left wall to avoid the hole, and just far enough away to avoid the wood pile. At high water, a sneak line all the way right opens up. The canyon finishes with some fun, busy water and a few more bends in the river.