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About Wall Shot Rapid

Wall Shot Rapid is the first Class V rapid of the Futaleufú River.

How to run Wall Shot Rapid

Wall shot creates a very obvious V down the center with a wave train that eventually crashes into the river left wall. Depending on flow, boats can flip in the features leading up to the wall or on the wall itself. There are large, powerful eddies on both sides of the V. At high/medium/low water, the kayak line is to start center left and work hard through the waves and ride the right eddy line below the wall. The raft sneak line is to go as far right as possible, staying out of the waves.

At very low water, two holes form in the right sneak line and the rapid gets much harder for rafts. A massive, dangerous hole develops on the left where the eddy and the main current meet. Not only would this hole take you deep, but it is backed up by the left eddy. A swimmer in the eddy would have a slow, direct route into the hole. The center line is also not easy. Start left of center and drive hard towards the middle. Whatever line gets you away from that hole is preferable. Set safety in the large eddy on the left to prevent any swimmers from getting pulled back into the hole.