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About Perfect Storm Rapid

Perfect Storm forms as the canyon begins to open up and is therefore less constricted. You still see strong boils, eddylines, and seams, but to a lesser extent. There are numerous boat flipping holes and waves in this one that you need to pick your way through. Swimming here would be unpleasant, but everything flushes downstream to a calm pool below.

How to run Perfect Storm Rapid

The top of the rapid has a green tongue all the way left with holes and waves guarding the right ⅔ of the entrance. Position yourself all the way left with a right angle above the tongue. Ferry hard to the center of the river where the first big feature is waiting. A big hole on the left and a bigger hole on the right form a V down the center. Try to avoid the left hole entirely and square up the right hole as far downstream as possible where the hole is weakest. The current flushing out of the V feeds directly into the largest hydraulic in the rapid. Continue that left to right momentum and try to hit the right edge of the hydraulic. The right side is weakest and the center of the hydraulic flushes into a hidden boulder. The water below the hydraulic then drives very hard into a cliff on the right that will flip a boat. As soon as you are through the hydraulic, ferry hard back to the center of the river.