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About Mas o Menos rapid

This rapid is simply awesome. While everything is challenging, everything also goes. The main hazard here is a long swim. Directly after Mas o Menos the river makes a big turn to the right. Along the outside of that right turn are some big holes that would not be fun to swim. Set safety and bring people to the immediate left shore, or all the way right to the inside of the turn.

How to run Mas o Menos rapid

Sneak Lines: You can scout and run easier raft lines on both the left and the right. Both have solid class IV moves to make, but the volume is greatly reduced allowing for significantly more time. I prefer the left side for both scouting and running an easier line, but there are many experienced boaters who feel the same about the right.

Center Lines: The center is certainly the most fun and feels like a heavy weight boxing match as the waves hit you from all angles. The center is not advised for rafts as the unpredictable waves can easily flip a boat and clean up here is not easy. For kayakers, starting center right and moving left towards the center is a good approach, but there are many. It’s easy to get lost in this rapid, so keep reading the water as you descend, or find a trustworthy friend to keep you online!