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About Entrada Rapid

Keep in mind that the Futaleufú River has two Entrada Rapids. This page is regarding Entrada Rapid on the Infierno Canyon section of the Futa.

How to run Entrada Rapid

Entrada Rapid has an easy scout on the left. The entrance has a smooth green tongue leading into a hydraulic at the top. Below the hydraulic is a powerful wave train that drives into a cliff on river left. The shape and power of the top hydraulic will vary with water level, but the line is always the same. Start right in the green tongue and work towards the center. Line up the hydraulic in the middle and punch through the softest spot with some power. Once through, start working back to the right aiming to ferry just below a large hole on the right. Issues arise when kayakers flip or rafters lose an oar in the top hydraulic. If you don’t recover quickly, the river wants to take you into the left cliff on the bottom of the wave train. There is enough time to recover from a flip or swim before Wall Shot if you are dialed in.