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About Dynamite Rapid

The original residents and river outfitters accessed Las Escalas by horseback along a trail that was replaced by the current road. Dynamite was formed and appropriately named as the road was being blasted into the mountain. If you are driving along the river left road towards the Las Escalas Sector, you can see the rapid from a pullout.

How to run Dynamite Rapid

For rafters, the only scout is well above the rapid on the right, and involves a scramble. Kayakers can scout on the left closer to the entrance.

This has a similar look and feel to Wall Shot, with a couple important differences. Calm pool above, well defined V, with a hard turn to the right. Dynamite is steeper, shorter, faster, hits the left cliff wall much harder, and lacks an easy sneak line. The prominent haystack wave which sits directly above the wall is the feature most likely to flip boats. Hard to entirely avoid, this haystack wave would not be a good place to have swimmers. Hopefully people are pushed downstream and they can be rescued in the very short window before Perfect Storm. Swimming directly into the cliff can force people deep and or into the powerful eddy on the left. Consider both these outcomes while setting safety.

The raft and kayak line are the same for this one. Start left of center in the pool above with a right angle. Build momentum and drive hard to the right, doing your best to avoid the large haystack wave. It is challenging to find the sweet spot in this one. If you start right too early, the eddy line will likely reject you into the haystack wave. Too late and the main current will also bring you there. Always stay prepared to hit the haystack wave on your terms.