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River KM

About Chaos Rapid

Get ready for some continuous and fun rapids. If you’d like to scout, you can pull over here on river left (Google Map location), walk into a field, then bushwack your way back to the river for a mediocre view of the entrance.


How to run Chaos Rapid

The big hazard in this rapid is the massive boulder or hole, found towards the bottom on the left. There is also a large hole at the top center left. At medium and low water the line starts right of center, working left below the hole. Once below the hole turn the boat right and charge hard away from the bottom left boulder/hole. There is an eddy on the right for boats to regroup. At high water, the center line is not recommended for rafts. A sneak line opens up all the way left along the trees. Same idea, once you are below the top hole, drive across the river to the eddy on river right.