River Mileage


River Right

About the Middle Fork and Main Salmon confluence

The Middle Fork of the Salmon ends where it meets the Salmon River at mile 96. At the confluence, you’ll make a 90-degree change in direction and you’ll go from following a northern route to almost due west. If you’re lucky enough to have also picked up a Main Salmon permit, this change from the Middle Fork to the Main is known as “turning the corner” which is a nod to this confluence.

On river left, you’ll notice an old cabin that’s now used by the Forest Service. At this point too you’ll also come across an unfamiliar creature: Vehicles. As there is a dirt road that follows the Salmon river from here past the primary Middle Fork takeout at Cache Bar and ends a few miles downriver from there at Corn Creek.

After takeout and as you drive past this point in your vehicle, there is a bench and sign that reads: “Middle Fork of the Salmon. Yonder lies the Idaho wilderness.” This is a great place for your final group photo.