Limestone Campground


River Mileage

Vault toilets are here

Drinking water is available

No cell phone service

About Limestone Campground

Limestone Campground is a beautiful campground flanking Limestone Rapid and Alligator Rock. This is a great campground for when the water is low and you’re running Limestone laps.

Due to its close proximity to the Trail of 100 Giants, Four Mile Trail, and many of the other upper river hikes, Limestone Campground makes for an excellent basecamp – especially if you’re looking to avoid the weekend zoo of Kernville or any of the dispersed campgrounds.

The campground isn’t particularly large and is best suited for tents as each space is small and there are no electric hookups available.

As of 2020, the rates are in the mid-$20s per site.

Please note that has the campground as not providing water. However, I think this is inaccurate.

If you’re looking for any and all Kern River campground availability, and don’t want to check one campground at a time, Kern River Outfitters coded a Kern River camping availability tool. Click here to use it.

This video gives a tour of Limestone Campground.

Another video tour of Limestone Campground.