Valhalla: Noun.
1) The great hall in Norse mythology where heroes slain in battle are received
2) A place of honor, glory, or happiness

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

With a definition like that there is a lot to live up to. And Valhalla Falls is pretty nice. It is an oasis on scorching hot Kern summer days with an amazing swimming hole that’s almost guaranteed to be shaded. The hike up is a bit tricky as it’s easy to park in the wrong spot but once you’re on your way you’ll get there soon enough.


While not accessible directly from the Upper Kern, it is easy to get to and is located about fifteen minutes upriver from Kernville, this is an easy hike that requires some scrambling.

Photos of Valhalla Falls

Video of Valhalla Falls

Google Map Pin & Directions

The pin below is for the trailhead. At the trailhead, you’ll take the trail to the right and follow that, which will lead you away from the creek and into a clearing. Shortly after that, the trail will turn back towards the creek again and into its drainage. At a couple of places, small trail options will split away and out of the canyon but I haven’t found these to work out and have always come back down to the trail closest to the water. Follow this until you get to the falls, which you can’t miss.

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