Hell’s Corner Rapid

R2ing Hell’s Corner. This rapid is about 500 yards long, with countless waves, rocks, and pourovers to keep an eye out for.

Hell’s Corner is about 500 yards long, and turns to the left, to the right, and back to the left again. Its length makes it pretty much impossible to scout in its entirety (but can be done if you’ve got the time). Enter center, and then you’ll pretty much be keeping your eyes out for waves and holes. Be mindful about staying inside each turn, as you don’t want to get pushed into either bank. Towards the bottom of this rapid, the river bends to the right. Watch out here for a grouping of boulders in the center of the river, which sh0ould be passed on the right. You’ll want to be right here if you plan on catching the eddy that awaits just below this rapid. There’s a rapid below Hell’s Corner known as Fluffy Bunny by some, and as The Dragon by others. Either way, you’ll probably want to regroup after this rapid.