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About Cradle Camp

Tucked to the right just after Cliffside Rapid is Cradle Camp. This is a beautiful camp with outstanding views of the rapid and is accented with high walls of Impassable Canyon. Due to the rapid flanking the camp, the background noise is loud, but in a soothing way. Take your time with pulling into the landing, because it’s not an easy maneuver. Fortunately, you should already be working right for a clean run on Cliffside Rapid. As you finish the rapid, read the eddy water carefully, because if you hit it too high, you will need to go around again to land at the base of Cradle Camp. The hallmark of camp is a large and somewhat beat up, Ponderosa tree. The standard camp set up is to keep the kitchen low, just off the boats, with chairs and tents up on the shelf. The groover location is the furthest upstream spot, you can’t miss it as it’s really the only option. There are also a handful of tent sites in the cobble bar between the rapid and the shelf. You could stick chairs and tables here too as seen in the picture below. This camp isn’t particularly large, but the views are worth it.