River Mileage


River Right

About Portage

As you exit False Flush Rapid, look downstream to river right for a tiny eddy immediately above the entrance of Royal Flush. This is portage. The eddy is small and can only accommodate a few rafts at a time. A good rule of thumb is if you have more than three rafts in the eddy, catch another eddy upstream of portage to allow for rafts to clear out. Once at the portage eddy, the trail is obvious and the path gives you a nice viewpoint of Royal Flush. Carry your rafts around the rapid and at the end of the trail, you have two options to re-enter the river: You can either use the bridge or the pathway down to the water. If you use the bridge, slide the rafts across the handrail until you get to the ladder. Tie off one end of your raft and carefully lower the raft down to the river. If you use the pathway, make sure you do so only at low water as you can easily wrap or flip off of the bridge embankment. While exiting portage, pay attention to what’s downstream and take your time. At high flows, there is a hole just downstream that can squeeze you against a rock wall on river right that can flip you. At low flows, this turns into a rock that you can wrap or flip off of.